Researching local learning systems: three methodological questions

By Toby Greany and Thomas Cowhitt Schooling in England is complex and evolving. Our previous blog posts (here and here) begin to explore some of this complexity. This post focuses on some of the issues we have wrestled with as we have sought to study ‘Local Learning Systems’ amidst all this change. How exactly doesContinue reading “Researching local learning systems: three methodological questions”

Levelling up: so what for ‘local’ school systems in England ?

Toby Greany & Thomas Cowhitt The government has launched its Levelling Up White Paper, with every part of England able to get ‘London style’ powers and a mayor ‘if they wish.’ The proposals include plans for 55 new ‘Educational Investment Areas’ which have been identified based on an analysis of pupil outcomes in local authorityContinue reading “Levelling up: so what for ‘local’ school systems in England ?”

Researching Local Learning Systems during a period of Fragmentation and Reformation

Toby Greany A decade ago, Stephen Ball described England’s school system as “messy, patchy and diverse”, reflecting the roll back of Local Authorities (LAs) and the rapid increase in independent academies underway at that time. Since then we have seen a shift in policy, away from promoting single academies and towards Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs), whichContinue reading “Researching Local Learning Systems during a period of Fragmentation and Reformation”